Joel Santos
Product Designer specializing in UI/UX design.
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UI Design, and Branding, Experience Design Lead

Mini Miles

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Mini Miles is a parents wingman as they take the road. This one stop mobile app helps them navigate and plan road trips that are tailored to their family. Mini Miles also helps parents search along the road for things like food and changing tables so that they can plan for the unexpected.

I created this product and completed all the UX, UI, and branding. The app is still a work in progress but you can see some of the key flows in action via this working prototype.

The Problem

Most families take roadtrips. While these trips can be great experiences that form lasting memories, things don’t always go smoothly. Parents often have to deal with:
• Hungry Children
• Restless & Bored Children
• Screaming
• Crying
• Siblings Fighting
• Frequent Bathroom Stops
• Unplanned Stops
Kids will be kids. But how can parents plan for the expected and unexpected at the same time for a smoother trip? That's what I wanted to solve. I started by looking at similar apps and doing a competitive analysis.

After completing my competitive analysis, I set out to find out what actual parents really needed. I conducted user interviews with 10 moms and 3 dads. For the purpose of these interviews, I defined “Road Trip” as anything that involves journeying on the road, away from home with their family.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from those interviews:

From the commonalities found in my research, I created the following three personas:

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